Welcome Guitarists! Time to Rock!

Mark, Shane and Michelle Zanoni having fun backstage at the 2018 Prairie Magic Music Festival near Valparaiso, IN as opening act for Devon Allman and Duane Betts

Mark Zanoni (Blues, blues rock, soul, funk and slide guitar):

Mark brings years of stage and studio experience to every class. He will focus on “getting you out of the conventional box” and adding style, creativity and soul to your rhythm and lead playing. Want to learn how to add some jazz stylings to your work? Learn to play some show stopping slide? He’s your guy.

HERE is a shorter demonstration video for some tips and information to improve your playing immediately!

Here are examples of Mark playing live HERE. Slide playing examples here as well.

Herea’s a 10 minute history and information on influences and related. You can find that HERE.

Shane Zanoni (Modern Rock, Soul and Hip Hop guitar and more):

Shane obviously grew up around music and bands. It was a not a surprise then when he decided to attend McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN. Shane has quickly become a go to player in the Twin Cities scene and has also been teaching guitar for several years. He can help aspiring rock, funk, soul and hip hop artists find their next level as he brings big stage and studio experience to every class as well as an in depth knowledge of applied theory. He is currently the featured guitarist in A Better Hand (pictured here) and Joe and the Mechanics.

HERE is an introductory video

And a montage of Shane on stage with his bands HERE.

Zoom, Skype or Google Meet lessons available until things are a bit safer.

Contact us at the information below…


Shane Zanoni

Modern guitar styles, including drop tunings, modal theory and application, tapping basics, and adding soul and style to funk, hip hop and R&B.


Mark Zanoni

Blues, blues rock and soul and funk creativity. Adding jazzy spice to your rhythm playing and solos. Mark will get you out of your rut and box!

Slide guitar for rock, blues, country and more!


Let’s make something together.

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