Harmonica players who want to rock!

HERE is a short demonstration and introduction video

I learned blues harp from some of the top players in the country. I’d love to help you reach your goals

Are you a harmonica player looking to:

*Learn to play in other harp positions on the harmonica

*Improve your tone, technique and knowledge of the instrument

*Learn how to play with other instruments and learn blues songs

*Learn about all the great blues music (current and classic) and players

We can help. Watch this short video for more on what we do and how we can help YOU.

Mark Zanoni


We can help you…

Become more than just a “harp honker.”

Learn the music. Develop your style.

Learn how to get “that tone!”

Information on amps, mics, dealing with feedback, how to use a harp mic for best tone and power and generally take that next step as a player

Let’s make something together.

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