Mark and Michelle Blues Bio

Mark and Michelle have played on stages big big and small across the Midwest. As part their band Big Road they have opened for Los Lobos, Allman Betts Band and many more. They have also played blues festivals, including the Joe Bucher Blues Fest, Blues Cafe and more. See below for more details, or contact them here:

Northwoods Blues Ambassadors–Michelle and Mark Zanoni

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Mark (Guitar/Harp/Vocals): Has worked as a band leader, hosted jam sessions and has worked over the years with well-known players. Skilled rhythm and lead player, with deep knowledge of the music. He currently is the administrator of Real Blues You Can Use on Facebook, and has done instructional videos and has coached and mentored other players through his website and Youtube channel I’m With the Band. Also currently fronting the rock/soul band called Big Road, and blues band called Dr. Z and Deeper Roots.  You can find examples of his playing here (YouTube playlist)

Michelle (Bass/vocals): Is a former host of Blues Friday on WXPR radio. She brings a deep knowledge of the music and a great feel to anything she does. She is without a doubt the rock solid foundation of any band she plays with. Michelle has most recently done fill in work with Donnie Pick and the Road Band and Milwaukee Mike and the Mob. She also plays with Big Road and Dr. Z and Deeper Roots. You can find examples of her work on the websites listed above. Also, visit here for videos of her with Donnie Pick and Cadillac Pete, as well as Big Road

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