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Professional and personalized coaching for vocalists, guitarists and harmonica players with Mark Zanoni and Shane Zanoni

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On-line or In-person Personalized coaching and mentoring…

for aspiring and professional vocalists, guitarists and harmonica players

Ages 10 to adult

Ages 10 to adult


(Studio located in Arbor Vitae, WI) Zoom or Skype lessons and mentoring available

Where do you want to go musically? Whether you are an aspiring player just starting out or a seasoned pro looking to add another piece to your tool kit, Mark will meet you where you are and help you take that next step. He also brings many years of experience as trainer, coach and facilitator and has worked youth and adults. Time to find your groove!


Mark works hard to cut through all of the B.S. and confusion and distill some basic fundamentals that will increase your range, power, flexibility, style and give you a foundation to build from that works for any style and genre from Rock and soul to country or blues. Tips on mic use, working as a front person and lead singer, doing background vocals and working with a band. Stop struggling to hit that “high note” or just barely be able to get through the gig without losing your voice. I’ve been there. I am not there any more! Finally be able to call yourself a singer!

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Are you looking to break out of ruts and “boxes,” add some jazz and blues comping skills, chord subsitutions and inversions to your playing, or just become a better rhythm player or soloist overall in any genre? Also, learn slide technique, electric and acoustic tone tips, style, effects use and set up. Basic, usable and applied theory and other foundational essentials also covered. Tips on guitar and amp set up, working with a band or second guitar player and generally becoming a real player that makes people sit up and take notice.

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Harmonica Players:

Take the next step towords being a harp player and not just a “honker.” Focus is on tone, single note placement and choice, crossharp or 3rd position playing, bending, tongue blocking, choking and other techniques, acoustic technique, electric playing (mics, hand placement, amps and amp set up, etc.). Get “that tone” and hit the note!

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